60″ X 30″ Arrow Board Trailer (New Model)​

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Visibility & Safety
Illuminate your site with arrow board for safety.

Versatile Display
Show variable messages, signs, and images with clarity.

Remote Management (Controller/Mobile/PC)
Control settings on arrow board effortlessly from a distance.

Effortless Transport
Simplify deployment and maintenance with trailer type arrow board.

Solar Panel
Solar energy for eco-friendly operation and back-up batteries for urgent situation.


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Arrow Board Trailer type products will be fully built and delivered within 2-weeks as lead time upon ordering excluding holidays.


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Ensure safety and visibility with the our new 60″ X 30“ Arrow Board Trailer, offering high visibility and versatile display options. Manage settings remotely via controller, mobile, or PC for seamless operation. Our trailer-type arrow board simplifies deployment and maintenance, while eco-friendly solar energy with back-up batteries ensures continuous operation. Enjoy fast, free shipping within 2 business days, making the VOLTEX VT6030 the perfect arrow board for efficient traffic management.

  • The VOLTEX VT6030 arrow board offers high visibility from over a mile away.
  • Versatile 25-light multi-mode arrow board for various traffic guidance needs.
  • Easy-to-use wireless controller for remote management.
  • High brightness yellow LED lights for significant warning effect.
  • Multiple display modes including arrows and other symbols.
  • Automatic dimming to adapt to different lighting conditions.
  • Robust single brace support for easy operation and transport.
  • Heavy-duty manual winch with safety brake for single-person operation.
  • Secure locking device for stability during transport and operation.

Various Signs

Arrow board signs
  • Energy-efficient operation with extended run times.
  • Solar panels for automatic battery charging without intervention.
  • System prevents overcharging with automatic solar disconnect.
  • Dual charging options of solar panels or commercial power.
  • Includes reverse polarity protection and low-voltage disconnect circuit.
  • Controller with re-settable fuses and solid-state voltage regulator. Charge indicator for monitoring solar charging status.
  • Maintenance-free batteries reduce upkeep costs.
  • Durable powder-coat finish to resist natural elements.
  • Easily replaceable lamps and visors.
  • Heavy-duty, replaceable bolt-on fenders.
  • Equipped with standard trailer tires for easy replacement.
  • Consumes 80% less power than traditional solar arrow boards.
  • Smaller batteries with 80% less lead content.
  • Sealed batteries to eliminate the risk of leaks or spills.
  • Reduced charging time saves energy and minimizes downtime.
  • Nearly every component is recyclable, promoting sustainability.

Additional information

Product Model


Solar Panels

18V/60W, top-mounted at a fixed angle.


12V 20AH × 2P sealed, maintenance-free, concealed within the sign.

LED Lights

Fully sealed, 38 LEDs on a 150MM standard pole with a high-impact plastic cover.

Sign Panel

Full-size 60” x 30” Type B MUTCD all-carbon steel construction, sealed and waterproof.


Wireless controller with multiple operating modes.

Main Frame

Advanced carbon steel construction.


1432 lbs

Tire Size


Removable Tongue

Designed for convenience and safety.


2-inch standard ball hitch, with an optional pintle ring.

Battery Charger

Available as an option on each unit, recommended to extend battery life.

Warranty Information

The arrow board comes with a 1-year limited warranty. For detailed warranty information, please contact us.

Item Weight

700 pounds


12 volts


110" x 110" x 60" (H x L x W)

Included Components

GPS tracker

Special Features